We are a club for members of the fire service, and their families, who enjoy riding motorcycles.
At present, a minimum of seven firefighters are required to Charter a new Chapter but we have hundreds of Members-At-Large.

Membership is open to all firefighters; active, retired, volunteer, professional or industrial, who have access to a motorcycle and hold a valid motorcycle driver's license.

These three items are the only requirement for membership. An individual member is never required to purchase any Red Knights® patch or any other Red Knight® regalia especially as a requirement of membership.

If a member chooses to purchase a Red Knights® patch or other regalia, it is the property of the individual and is not required to surrender it upon the individual's retirement from the Red Knights®.

The Red Knights International Motorcycle Club® does not allow prospecting for members. There is no probationary period for Active members in the Red Knights®. There is no "granting" of patches in the Red Knights®. The right to become an Active member in the Red Knights® and to wear any Red Knights® regalia is earned by being or having been a Firefighter.

If a person is voted into a Chapter, after a credentials are checked, or joins as an MAL, that person has immediate full membership rights and may purchase and wear any Red Knights® regalia.

Spouses, partners, member's children, brothers and sisters and parents are welcome as Social or Junior Members.